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Individual Therapy

Cultivating wellbeing and lasting change

Research has consistently shown that the relationship between client and therapist is one of the most important factors in successful psychotherapy. I work to create a welcoming environment that facilitates client trust and ability to be present and authentic.


In the first session, I meet with clients to gain an initial understanding of what brings them to therapy along with a discussion about current circumstances and biographical information. In the second session, we typically formulate potential therapeutic goals that form a foundation and context for our future therapy sessions. 

During subsequent sessions, the therapeutic tools I will introduce grow out of the present-moment focus of each session, and adjust responsively as therapy develops. Sometimes, you will want to stay focused on present problems and challenges. At other times, it might help to talk about the past, always within the context of resolving present issues.


I believe that the main goal of therapy is to restore and cultivate natural functioning in your life. We don’t try and fix you. From a strengths-based approach, you will discover more effective, positive ways to achieve the goals you seek and to be more fully yourself.


Therapy may range from brief, solutions-focused sessions, to long-term behavioral adjustments, to deep exploration of your emotional and psychological makeup, your personality structure. Modalities are client-centered and may incorporate

  • mindfulness-based treatments

  • cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)

  • dialectical behavior therapy skills (DBT)

  • guided relaxation, meditation, and imagery

  •  somatic therapies

  • self-compassion training

  • motivational interviewing

  • mindful hypnotherapy

  • Enneagram exploration

I also incorporate elements of psychodynamic theory, attachment theory, and existential psychotherapy.


I can help you to 

  • alleviate anxiety and depression

  • deal effectively with stress

  • cultivate strengths and wellbeing

  • ease chronic pain

  • recover from trauma

  • maintain addiction recovery

  • navigate loss

  • improve sleep quality

  • foster healthy eating habits

  • strengthen relationships

  • enhance quality of life and freedom from habitual unhealthy patterns

  • discover deep meaning and life purpose

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