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Information and Resources

Here, I provide a variety of psychology- and mindfulness-related resources for your reading and learning pleasure. This is a growing page, so please check back again soon!

Self-compassion and lovingkindness

Mindfulness and Compassion in Psychotherapy

-- Christopher Germer, PhD

18 Science-Based Reasons to Try Loving-kindness Meditation

-- Mindful, Oct 21, 2014

How to Help Teens Become More Self-Compassionate

-- Greater Good Magazine, Oct 19, 2017 

Mindfulness and meditation

Different Meditation Types Train Distinct Parts of Your Brain

-- New Scientist, Oct 4, 2017

Is Mindfulness the Future of Therapy?

-- Mindful, Sept 13, 2016

Yoga as a Practice Tool: With a growing body of research supporting yoga's mental health benefits, psychologists are weaving the practice into their work with clients

-- American Psychological Association, Nov 2009

Meditation and Running as a Treatment for Depression

-- Gretchen Reynolds, New York Times, March 16, 2016

Alleviating anxiety and trauma

What Types of Psychotherapy are Helpful for Anxiety and Depression?

-- University of Minnesota's Center for Spirituality and Healing

Outsmarting Our Primitive Responses to Fear

-- New York Times, Oct 26, 2017

How Walking in Nature Changes the Brain

-- New York Times, July 22, 2015

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