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Mindfulness and Yoga Therapy

Integrating mind and body

The transformative potential of mindfulness and yoga are becoming increasingly well recognized, yet clients often don’t know how to effectively incorporate these practices into their own lives.

As both a state of awareness and an attitudinal stance, mindfulness practice in psychotherapy acts as a basis to promote increased tolerance and capacity for both difficult and pleasurable emotions, self-regulation, comfort in the body, resilience to stress and change, and overall well-being. In addition, relationships tend to improve, social anxiety decreases, and interactions with others can become more natural and satisfying. Regularly practiced, mindfulness and self-compassion training can help to internally generate our own sense of self-worth so that we no longer depend on it from others, thus freeing us up to be more of our true, spontaneous selves.

Because there is so much information now readily available about mindfulness and meditation, and an abundance of apps that can be accessed, it can be quite confusing and hard to find what is truly helpful. Sometimes, unpleasant or difficult experiences can result from meditation that put people off from continuing with practices. An experienced and knowledgeable guide can be an essential asset.

I have many years of experience with contemplative practice and training in mindfulness and yoga therapy. I am trained to teach Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction and I recently completed a 9-month certification program with the Institute of Meditation and Psychotherapy focused on effectively incorporating mindfulness practices into the clinical setting. I can assist you in creating your own personal mindfulness practice and help to you ground that practice in daily life.

For those who are interested, we can complement your mindfulness practice with yoga therapy and mindful movement tailored to your needs and abilities. This may include simple yoga postures, breathing techniques, and yoga nidra for deep relaxation and self-awareness, along with a customized program to use at home. 

Mindfulness and yoga are complementary modalities that can be practiced alone or as a supplement to therapy.

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